100% Made in Italy

T10/100 Straight Anvil Lever Action Lopper Parts

  • T10-R6 Center Bolt & Nut
  • T10-R2 Cutting Blade
  • T10-R4 Aluminum Anvil and 2 Mounting Screws, 1 set
  • T10-R8 Lever Action Sliding Bolt, Washer, and Nut, 1 set
  • T10-R9 Adjustable Stop and Screw, 1 set
  • T10-R7 Lever Handle Bolt
  • T10-R33 Lever Handle 100cm (viewed on top)
  • T10-R13 Fixed Blade and Handle 100cm (viewed on bottom)
  • T10-R5 Blue Handle Grips, 1 pair

Contact your Dealer for any parts that you need.  If you do not have a dealer near you, feel free to contact us directly.  Be sure to be very specific: tool model/number; part description; part number; quantity needed.