Vesco USA

Vesco USA

VESCO is a family-owned company located in the region surrounding Maniago, a region with a centuries-old tradition of quality tool-making by highly skilled craftsmen, and with a particular emphasis on blades and cutting tools.  In fact, Maniago is so closely associated with blade and knife manufacturing it is commonly known as "The City of Knives."


The region is also situated near some of the richest agricultural lands in Italy and Europe, creating a natural marriage of manufacturers and users.  VESCO specializes in designing and crafting professional pruning tools.  They strive for the highest standards possible necessary to satisfy the needs of the professional, yet are also appreciated by the serious, demanding home/hobby gardener.


All VESCO tools are designed from start-to-finish to maintain a high quality standard.  Each item is manufactured according to a detailed plan, with strictly enforced testing carried out by experts in the appropriate fields.  All products (and their various components) are subject to extensive research and material selection to guarantee superior quality and precision.  This dedication to quality design, engineering, materials, and manufacturing make VESCO products uniquely indispensable for professional use.