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VESCO has forever sought to produce very high quality tools by making use of precise procedures, with a single goal in mind: excellence.

Several characteristics are noticeable in all our items making them unique and easily recognizable to an expert.
Without doubt, the most important feature of all our models is that the blade unit is hot forged. VESCO has re-discovered hot forging as the best technology of all: today the machinery
VESCO has forever sought to produce very high quality tools by making use of precise procedures, with a single goal in mind: excellence.
has replaced man but the uniformly aligned fibers, typical of this manufacturing process, is the only way to get the maximum strength in a particular thickness (with the great advantage of reducing the tool weight considerably).
Steel is heated up to 900° C and is buckled by very heavy presses (500 tons ): doing so, the grain is refined and the steel fibrous structure is work-hardened and consequently stiffened. This manufacturing process still gives the best quality and result otherwise unattainable with highly productive technology.
VESCO blades are made of top quality steel with a high carbon content. They are also tempered with heat treatment: this gives the maximum strength to the wear ensuring an excellent and very long cutting performance. Numerical-controlled machines sharpen the blades with the greatest precision in order to always ensure a clear and clean cut together with the utmost precision.
Besides, the whole blade unit offers a revolutionary surface coating ( on request ). This unique coating prevents corrosion but - most of all - increases the penetration of the blade diminishing the cutting effort. The blades are equipped with an inside grease container that lubricates the tool constantly. The blade and counter-blade play is adjusted using an exact fine pitch screw in order to always ensure the utmost coupling precision.
The grip of all our tools is made of special aluminium alloy in order to reduce the overall weight. The handles of our shears (A series) are covered with special anti-slipping rubber plastic making the grip comfortable and safe.

The ERGOGRIP handles that equip all our branch cutters (T and V series) and Edge Shears (S series) are realized in order to guarantee the best comfort and ergonomics. They are realized in bi-component material with a soft rubber and a non-slip inserts. All the by-pass cut model are equipped with a shock-absorber and cushion in order to protect muscles and articulation decreasing the counterblow considerably when the cut has been completed.
All our tools are designed in a geometrical and ergonomic way such as to give the operator the utmost comfort even if they are used for a long time. Most model are available in two sizes: size “S” for small hands and size “ML” for medium and bigger hands.
All our tool components are available as spare parts. Infact, since the beginning, we have done our best to ensure that all the components are interchangeable. Doing so, our custumers can avoid buying new shears owing to wear or loss of a component.
All VESCO tools are manufactured according to advanced technology and with very modern machinery. Each tool is adjusted and tested manually: it is a perfect match between modern technology and craftsmen’s experience. VESCO tools are designed following the suggestions of professional pruners and all our new models are always tested accurately before putting them on the market.

Made In Italy:

VESCO products are unique and worthy mainly because “Made In Italy” means top qualityand utmost precision all over the world