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X Series - robotic cut / X40-B1 - VESCO Battery pack - LitePLUS 144

X40-B1 - VESCO Battery pack - LitePLUS 144
36V - 4Ah (144 Wh)
battery life
8-9 h *
charge time
2 h
1100 gr (38.8 oz)

X40-B1 - VESCO Battery pack - LitePLUS 144

The powerful lithium-ion batteries are produced by VESCO and, thanks to the special casing that dissipates heat through cooling fins and ventilation grilles, guarantee optimal protection of the cells from overheating. This aspect extend battery life and increasing its autonomy.
  • Quick Charge: batteries are charged to 80% in just 60 minutes (LitePRO 90)
  • No memory effect and no power loss.
  • High performance even at sub-zero temperatures
  • Extremely compact and light
  • Extremely robust structure.
  • Compatible with most tools of the vesco X SERIES range
* battery life is strictly linked to the type of wood to be cut and the operator's speed