Vesco USA
Serie XSerie X
  1. charge level indicator
  2. electronic controller separated by battery
  3. lithium ion battery with universal slide connection ultra-light and available in 3 versions
  4. connection cable with connector
  5. ON / OFF switch
  6. ultralight shell in carbon-nylon ergonomic Soft Touch handle
  7. ultracompact gearmotor motor with planetary reducer 
  8. primary transmission with helical bevel gears silent and durable.
  9. machine body in forged aluminum CNC processed life-guaranteed
  10. quickly half-opening blade system 70-100%
  11. removable cover to speed up routine maintenance (greasing / replacing blade)
  12. external nipple integrated in the central pin to greasing the blade unit.
  13. hot forged blade unit made of chrome vanadium steel. progressive cut.

We have always been involved in the design and production of professional pruning tools. With the VESCO X40  SUPERFAST we went further and created one of the best performing products on the market.
With the X-SERIES, VESCO expanded the product line, creating our first generation of electrically powered-driven shears:

This was made possible by the vast know-how gained in these years in the cutting sector, by the careful application of the acquired concepts, and by the careful study of requests received from professional users.
In a single product, X-SERIES represents the implementation of all this!

THE RESULT? A balanced, high performance product with excellent value for the money. The X40 introduces for the first time in this field the innovative concept of “simplified maintenance”. We strongly believe that a professional product should be considered professional if it completely satisfies the customer. Both in terms of mechanical performance and after-sales service.

With the simplified maintenance concept, we minimize unproductive downtime and reduce the total cost of ownership.
We are confident that this is the right path to creating products that are chosen by users all over the world.

X Series

robotic cut