100% Made in Italy

A6 Professional Curved Anvil Pruning Shears with Slicing Cut

This is Vesco's best-selling pruner in Europe, and its advanced engineering and construction are challenging what many have thought about pruners. The A6 begins with features found throughout Vesco's pruner line: hot-forged tempered high-carbon blades for strength and lightness, aluminum alloy handles with rubber grips and lock, adjustable blades with inner grease groove, and an aluminum anvil attachment designed for quick and easy field repairs. What amazes people is how smoothly these cut, and this is where Vesco's innovative engineering really shines. The curved anvil helps to hold the branch in place, and the blade moves back as it cuts--simultaneously helping to hold the branch in place and creating an easier and cleaner slicing cut. Forget what you have ever thought about anvil vs. bypass pruners. This is currently the ultimate in hand pruning shears of any type.

  • Designed for a 25mm/1-inch cut
  • 8.3 inches long
  • 8.4 ounces
  • 100% Made in Italy by Vesco
  • Maintenance instructions and Parts list in: English, Italian, Spanish, French, and German
  • Good all-purpose pruning shear for field, nursery, landscape and garden use. Known for light effort and clean cuts.
  • Sized to fit most hands, good for smaller hands.
  • F1 - Triangular Sharpening Stone
  • F3 - Natural Sharpening Stone
  • F5 - Multi-Purpose Sheath
  • F6 - Cone-Shaped Sheath

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